Additional Programs

Parent's night out

Saturday evening care is offered from 6:00pm-12:00am once a month for any child currently enrolled, ages 6 weeks to 13 years of age. Payment must be received prior to receiving the service. Dinner and an evening snack will be served along with planned activities for the children. This program is contingent on enough children signing up. See your site director for the cost of this program. Adults must meet safety guidelines for children to be picked up; no one showing evidence of drinking will be allowed to pick up a child and drive them home.

Literacy night

Our state-funded preschool program hosts a Literacy Night, which is held every other month at our 111 East Charter location. The one-hour event includes healthy snacks and educational activities that revolve around a featured book. All families enrolled in our centers are encouraged to participate. Each family will receive a free copy of the featured story to take home with them at the end of the event.

Parent education night

Our state-funded preschool program offers a Parent Education Night once a month, opposite of Literacy Night months. Surveys are taken at orientation to help guide us toward a topic that will meet the needs of our parents. We encourage feedback and suggestions for future topics. Each year, we incorporate a CPR/first aid class as part of our parent education. We use our resources, along with community resources, to provide you with a plethora of knowledge on a given topic. We encourage all of our parents to participate.

Field trips

Troy Early Childhood Centers believes in enhancing the school experience with field trips on and off the school grounds. Offsite field trips are offered for the preschool and school age programs. Onsite field trips are offered for our younger students. Notification will be sent out prior to any trip off the premises. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend with their children to share in the experience. Busing will be provided by an outside agency that is fully licensed and insured. Arrangements will be provided for any child not attending the event.

Preschool for all

Troy Early Childhood Center is a grant recipient of the Preschool for All program by the Illinois State Board of Education. This program is offered to provide preschool sessions at our TECC South location. This program is supplemental to the preschool services your child already receives at our center. The program serves 40 children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age. Children already enrolled in the center and those from the community may be eligible for this program. Children will be screened throughout the year to determine eligibility. Family involvement is a key component of this program. Children enrolled in this program will gain a strong foundation for learning, which will help them achieve success in Kindergarten and later schooling. Children enrolled are not required to pay any additional fees for this program, as it is grant based. All registration fees and field trip fees are also waived during the preschool year. Any parent interested in having their child screened for this program may sign a request in the office.

Creative curriculum

All TECC Centers employ the Creative Curriculum, which is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Parents as Teachers and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as a research-based curriculum centered around developmentally appropriate practice, which matches the natural way children develop and learn. Additionally, The Creative Curriculum is based on major theories behind developmentally appropriate practice and includes such timeless theories as: Maslow: Basic Needs and Learning (physiological needs, safety, belongingness, esteem) Erikson: The Emotions and Learning (Trust/Mistrust, Autonomy/Shame/Doubt, Initiative/Guilt), Learning and the Brain (Nature vs Nurture, Brain Growth, Repetition, Emotions, Nutrition, Windows of Opportunity) Piaget: Logical Thinking and Reasoning (Sensorimotor, Preoperational) Vygotsky: Social Interaction and Learning (the classroom is a community and key to learning) Gardner: Multiple Intelligences (Lingjuistic, Logical, Musical, Spatial, Bodily, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist) Smilansky: The Role of Children’s Play (Functional, Constructive, Dramatic, Games with Rules), Learning and Resiliency (children are not destined because of disadvantage or hardship)

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