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Discover Our Comprehensive Programs at Troy Early Childhood Center Too: Infant Care, Toddler, and Twos Programs in Troy, IL

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Offered Programs at Troy Early Childhood Center Too

At our Too location, we are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds. Recognizing the unique needs of these early developmental stages, we've crafted specialized programs that deliver a comprehensive, enriching, and age-appropriate learning experience.

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    Infant Program

    Infant Care (6 Weeks - 15 Months): At our Too location, we understand the importance of nurturing care during the earliest stages of life. Our Infant Care program is designed to provide a warm, safe, and stimulating environment for infants from 6 weeks to 15 months old. We focus on creating experiences that foster your infant's physical, cognitive, and emotional development, ensuring they get the best start in life.

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    Toddlers Program

    Toddlers (15 months-24 months): As your child transitions from infancy to toddlerhood, our Toddler program provides a supportive environment that encourages exploration and creativity. Serving children from 15 months to 24 months, we focus on fostering independence, enhancing motor skills, and promoting language development. Our curriculum is designed to cater to the unique needs of toddlers, providing them with the care and stimulation they need to thrive.

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    Twos Program

    Twos (24 months-36 months): As your child continues to grow, our Twos program offers a stimulating environment that fosters independent thinking and brain development. Serving children from 24 months to 36 months, we focus on enhancing cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our curriculum is designed to provide a balance of structured learning and play, ensuring your child gets the most out of their early childhood education experience.

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Discover Troy Early Childhood Center Too

Welcome to Troy Early Childhood Center Too, nestled in the vibrant heart of Troy, Illinois. Our center provides a warm, safe, and engaging environment for your child's early education. Thoughtfully designed with spacious classrooms, our center is equipped with age-appropriate learning materials to stimulate your child's curiosity and learning. Our dedicated team of experienced and passionate educators is committed to providing personalized attention and care, fostering an environment where children can grow, learn, and thrive. With a range of programs catering to infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds, we ensure that each child's unique developmental needs are met.

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Meet the Team
at TECC Too

Steering the ship at our Too location is Executive Director Kelley Koelker, a visionary leader with an unwavering passion for early childhood education. Kelley's dedication to cultivating an environment that encourages growth, sparks curiosity, and instills a love for learning is the cornerstone of our center. Joining her in this mission are Director Emily Hufford and Assistant Director Sydney Snider. Emily and Sydney bring their extensive expertise and a steadfast commitment to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for our children. They believe in the uniqueness of every child and strive to tailor our programs to meet the individual needs of each one, ensuring an educational, engaging, and developmentally appropriate experience. Together, Kelley, Emily, and Sydney form a formidable leadership trio, steering our center towards a shared vision of excellence in early childhood education. Their collective experience and dedication make our center a place where children can truly blossom, learn, and grow.

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Discover Our Center

Ready to discover a place where your child can thrive, learn, and grow? We invite you to schedule a tour of our Too location and see firsthand the nurturing and enriching environment we provide. Click the button below to arrange your visit. We can't wait to show you why TECC Too is the perfect place for your child's early education journey.

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